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It's been a week already!

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We have been in Montreal a little over a week already, our brains have blown out and we are so over whelmed that i'm not sure which way is up.

After a crazy 3 days we tracked down an apartment. Perhaps not the most beautiful place available but very close to Mont-Royal park and the metro so we have compromised style for 'lifestyle'!

We also did a deal with the fellas who are leaving and we will buy some of their furniture and washer/dryer and we will on sell when we leave.

We arrived to snow on the ground have survived below 0 degree nights and 26 degree days. Currently we are hitting 10 degrees.

Can't wait for Eleni to have her own room just so we can get her into a normal routine and away from me for just a little while. This 24hr a day thing is a challenge.

Marty loves his job. He gave an introduction speech partly in French winning over a few people in the process. He just needs to decide what aspect he will work on as he is not use to having people to do his lab/leg work for him.

We are mastering the metro and finding our way around without a car though the larger stores are off the metro line.

Can't wait to do a few more touristy things but it seems things wind down here between winter and summer.

Eleni's birthday was spent at the Biodome with Mummy - lots of animals but the high lights were the penguins and the fish - separate tanks of course!


Loved our time with the cousins in the US, can't wait to get back there for more time. Such a fantastic, friendly group who we love already. Wow imagine having family so far away but so welcome, and now we're in driving distance.


Ok Eleni is now cracking up (not in a good way), time to run, visit the laundry and pretty like I can read and understand all the French.

Love to all....

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We're still in one piece.

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We just wanted to let you know that we are still in one piece!

With all the wind storms, rain storms and floods we are still in one piece. We have had to postpone our trip to Manhatten because of rain and train delays but are in one piece and Eleni enjoyed the local aquarium.

We also heard the awful news of the latest school massacre - the family here is shocked as we are. A great blessing we are away from the worst of it but we still feel for the affected families.

Eleni is well but over tired so sleep time is difficult but on the whole she is doing really well.

Love to all and more news still.

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The day before

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That's it, tomorrow is the big day, we leave Australia for our great adventure.

A quick update - yesterday was family, the mother (in law) had her big launch for children and communities something something something. The minister for community services wa there looking all political, cheques handed out and lots of noise and fun had by kids of all ages. I got out of it lightly with some child minding and photo taking but marty got to lug tables and chairs around.

We got to have dinner together at the local restaurant which was really nice. Even poor Eleni with her minimal sleep level behaved reasonably well.

Today was a running around day for Marty - we found Canadian currency at 93 cents and they had it in stock. What a shocker, I ask you why advertise the exchange rate if you don't have the currency in stock!

Now for the repacking, what do we need, how many changes of clothes for Eleni, want to look reasonable for the US cousins but there's only so much one can fit in a suitcase.

Tonight is a quiet one, the inlaws are out to dinner with the Bishop so hopefully Miss E will go to sleep early, 3am start for us as we catch the EARLY morning plane to Sydney, LA, NewYork. Not looking forward to the weather change.

Love the comments... keep on reading. Talk again soon xxxx

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11th April

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Woohoo!! Our Visas arrived safe and sound yesterday, what a relief. Every time I thought about what we needed to travel my heart skipped a beat, so glad we have it now.

For all those enquiring minds the causation of the stitches is not nearly as exciting as the post event - I was washing up a glass teapot and the spout snapped off, boring yes, bloody most definitely- who's a silly girl then???

Ok folks just wanted to send our happy VISA news to you. We are now heading out to exchange Aussie dollars for Canadian, at an exchange rate of 92 cents who can pass that up?

Oops almost forgot to mention we finally have accommodation for our first week, yay. In the heart of Montreal, but if you believed all the hotels who say that there would be nothing but hotels in the heart of Montreal.

Ok love to all.

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Stage 2

The Cairns leg.....

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10th April

We have now finished up in Brissy and are sitting back in Cairns with the inlaws waiting for Visas polishing off chocolate eggs and generally freaking out about our lack of warm clothing!


We plan to stop in NY on the way and after hearing that it was 10 deg cel there decided we'll be lucky to survive the US let alone Montreal.

Our first excitement so far has not been visiting family nor watching Eleni take her final laps of a swimming pool before heading into ice BUT my trip to the emergency room last night. Luckily my finger is still attached but managed to get 3 stitches for the trouble. The doctor wanted to glue and steri strip it but after the toe incident several years ago and the multiple ED trips I convinced her into thinking she decided stitiches were a safer idea.

Oh and I got a tetnus shot as well for my troubles! I think my arm almost hurts more from that than the finger. No more swimming for me though!

So Saturday is the big day, early morning flight. We're hoping this will be the best way to keep in contact with you all. So once we're settled we will start uploading photos and take it from there.

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