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Summer Holidays!

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For those of you who didn't know we are in the midst of our summer holidays - well officially it ends this week as kids are returning to school for the beginning of their school year!

We have been getting our heads around this as famillies disappear for weeks on end and then reappear just as quickly. We decided to join the exodus by taking a 'road trip' into the US. Lots of adventures and misadventures occured so I've decided to do this in stages so here goes....


Oops we also got the chance to see a Youth Soccer Championship match in Montreal - very cool!


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Oh Canada!

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Having experienced summer in Australia and now Canada this year we also got to experience both countries' national days. We spent Canada Day, July 1st, down in the old port (“Viau Port”) where there were a collection of celebratory events happening. One of Marty’s favourites was the maple syrup tent set up like a maple tapping cabin with hot syrup that you collected and cooled on ice before eating off a paddle pop stick (popsicle stick).


The public holiday Monday was also good as we explored Isle Saint Helene, which not only contains “La Rhonde” the local amusement park, but as we discovered has large grassy areas for picnics and an aquatic centre, the biosphere and Stewart Fort.


While waiting for a ferry back to the old port, we even saw fish jumping in the St Laurent river.

Montreal’s International Festival du Jazz was a blast too. Our first impressions were slightly tarnished by our experience of Jazz in the vines, unlike the Hunter Valley in Australia, this festival was on top of a 2-3 block area of downtown Montreal. But the second night we spent at the festival was more pleasant we found seats (including some for the front row) and even though most of the Sweet Dixie show was rained out they still came on to play for 25 minutes which was a blast.

Bye - from Marty


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Update photos

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Thought you guys might like a couple of up to date photos of the family. The first is Eleni and I on our fire escape come balcony. The 2nd is Marty and Eleni at our front door, the restaurant windows are in the background.



You've just got to love the hats. The last photo is Eleni (of course) on top of one of the 3 grass mounds which have appeared in front of our Metro station, we still don't know why. The flag behind is for St Jean Baptisite day. Think Australia Day created just for Queenslanders who want their own state. It's also quite a significant day for when the 'colony' was founded by the French, ie very patriotic.


Love to all,


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Summer's coming

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According to the cheery weather man our 'heat wave' will end tomorrow. Apparently in Montreal 2 days of 32 - 33c heat and 40 % humidity constitutes this. If you're from Brisvegas you may see the comical side of this. In explaining this to someone today I said, yes it was hot (of course) but not too bad, just in your home where it is designed to hold hot air (which makes sense in the snow). I decided not to scoff openly as they complained about the weather, I am sure we will be the same if we remain past 1 summer as we acclimatise.


I've also decided I have a wet weather genie. We have signed our selves onto a social meetup and all 3 opportunities to meet these people have been rained out. This Saturday is another chance with an outdoor Jazz concert (Jazz festival week), so fingers crossed this may hold out.

We are loving our friday nights out - Swing dance is awesome but I think I need a whole lot more practice to get it down pat.

It's also moving time! Not for us but for 1/3 of the population of Montreal who’s leases end on June 30. We managed to score some treasures from the yard sales we have come across so far (including some curb side freebies) but principally from a rummage sale organised by our Church to rebuild a well in Africa.

We have to admit, the longer we are here the more we realise God brought us here. We miss our family and friends immensley but it is turning out to be an incredible healing and building time. We have spent alot of time together as a family, touring and hanging out. Marty and I have started 'dating' again which is very special and we are also getting to know God afresh. We are attending an amazing Church community, amazing simply because of their openness to the Spirit and to one another. We are learning, releasing a lot of past junk and feel closer to Him than we have in a long time.

God is good - he loves us - he wants the best for us - we are not alone. Such simple stuff and yet we manage to forget.

A fun image to leave you with - Montreal has some intersting sights! Love to all xxxx


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Friends, Free-cycle, and Ferraris – F1

Getting to know new friends

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What a life, fresh food markets, chocolate dipped strawberries, street parties and the Grand Prix in town, what more can you ask for???

Well that's not quite all, we have spent the past week or two reaching out to start new friendships, this being an island thing isn't much fun. We have found a babysitter giving us the time to go out and try our hands (technically feet) at swing dancing. It was great to get some time together, it was great fun but we have to get our jive and cha-cha steps out of our heads and swing rhythm in. Eleni behaved for our new babysitter and seems to have her wrapped around her finger already; they were off to the park within minutes of the babysitter arriving.

Jen’s found free-cycle and sent me out onto uncharted streets to find a college boy – heading back to Texas and didn’t want to take his stuff back home. We got a few nice freebies out of it so worth the trip.

It was Canada Grand Prix weekend in Montreal this weekend and that meant that the whole city was in party mood. The street a block over was closed off and the shops moved some of their stock onto the streets, lots of cars and I even got to play a little PS3 with Eleni. A little further away a different street party was happening where the road was blocked off for at least 5 blocks and more street venders and sales with comic strips drawn in chalk on the bitumen all the way down the street, very cool. (Not to mention the Daddy/Daughter PS3 street time).


Grand Prix was also an excuse to meet up with some other Aussies over here; I went down to meet them for a beer on the first night of celebrations. I had a drink in Rue Cresent the central street for the city’s Grand Prix party. I also managed to walk up a street that had been reserved for Ferrari parking – life is tough.

Church was good last Sunday with a BBQ after the service we had some good chats and got to know people better. The youth groupers were sent out on a Spiritual treasure hunt. It was a really cool idea – to get to know the parishioners better they asked them about how they came to faith, if they had experienced a vision or angelic visitation, or how they came to Christ. It was cool to crash their get to know you activity with our own and sitting with new friends we got to hear some of their stories while the youth were asking their questions.

Life continues on full speed, Eleni is settling into a new routine, we have been getting tough with sleep times resulting in her beginning to wake less at night. She now sleeps without a nappy (yay) and insists on brushing her own teeth as well as arranging her own clothing AND accessories. She has become a little Mummy as she checks, "have you got everything you need," and today in Bible study after a walk to the park checked in the door to ask if I was ok! As you can tell she is winning hearts in a big way and settling in with some of the people at Church which is great. She actually cried last week when Sunday School wasn't on because of the youth service.

Marty loves his job but continues to wait for a few more things to fall into place so he can really sink his teeth in.

So basically we miss you all but as you can tell are making the most of things - love to all, Jen, Marty and Eleni xxx

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